How Digital Innovation Is Changing the Shipping Industry

Graphic - how digital innovation is changing the shipping industry

The shipping industry is one of the backbones of the global economy. It is no surprise then, that companies are investing heavily in new technologies and innovative systems to help increase delivery time and overall efficiency in this largest of industries. With just a quick scan of the tech and businesses sections of popular publications, you can see how technology in the shipping industry is a preview of how businesses will operate in the future.
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#1 Guide for Commercial Shipping of Lithium Batteries


Every day, there are millions of tons of materials being shipped from one part of the world to the other. There are some products out there that you definitely know require extra safety precautions, while there are other items in existence that you previously thought were harmless yet turn out to be harmful under the right conditions.

Shipping cargo to harborOne of such items is lithium batteries. You might not know this, but lithium batteries have always been a safety concern for those who have experience with the shipment and receiving of these batteries. They only recently got negative attention in the mainstream media last year due to the incident where Samsung Galaxy Note7 and hoverboards were recalled in large numbers due to the fact that they would spontaneously burst into flames. Continue reading…

8 Steps for Increasing Warehouse Safety

Worker in hard hat hit by cardboard in warehouse

over 15000 illnesses and injuries take place every yearWorking in a warehouse can be a very rewarding job. You get a lot of physical exercise from lifting heavy objects all day, you bond closely with a group of workers that you see every day, and you play a very important role in ensuring that companies and individuals get their important orders on time. With multiple paths toward career advancement and an increase in responsibility, it is a promising opportunity for workers who are looking for a low barrier of entry.

However, one of the biggest problems when it comes to working in the warehouse is the issue of personal safety. With over 15,000 illnesses and injuries taking place every year, the warehousing industry still has a long way to go in the way of enforcing safety regulations and preventing accidents from happening in the workplace.

Warehouse safety is only possible when every single employee is involved and looking out for one another, no matter their position in the company. Here are 8 useful steps that any warehouse can take to ensure that safety remains a top priority: Continue reading…

Simple Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

In a warehouse, effectiveness is rarely a problem for workers and management. Success is simply a matter of doing a few key functions consistently over a long period of time. The main problem that most warehouses face is improving their efficiency. This refers to getting more of the right things done within the same time period. Continue reading…

How to Run & Create a Green Business

One of the hot buzzwords that has been floating around is “going green.” It seems to be the thing that is attracting customers from all around the globe and used as a selling point by companies, but what does this phrase mean? To put it simply, “going green” means making a company-wide shift toward practices and products that are friendly for the environment and sustainable over a long time period.

It might seem like an unnecessary initiative that will take too much money and time to implement in your company. What you may not know is that there are many simple and small changes that you can make to turn your business green. It does not have to be an arduous process that quickly becomes inconvenient for you and your company. Continue reading…