Tips for Finding the Perfect Shipping Barrel for Your Needs

If you have been in business for some time, you know how complicated and exhausting it can be to find suitable barrels or drums—or any packaging, for that matter—for your transport needs. It can be even more frustrating if you are transporting materials that are flammable, hazardous, or marked as dangerous in any other way. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect shipping barrel, regarding material, size, and type. Continue reading…

Breaking Down CFR 49

If you move goods in the U.S., you must be prepared to abide by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 49. The Title 49 rules encompass regulations for domestic transportation. Continue reading…

Shipping Hazardous Materials: Knowing the Regulations

Hazardous materials may be daily household objects, from batteries and paints to medical materials and caustic chemicals. Even cosmetics and consumables may be classified as hazardous before final production or in large quantities. Mundane items, such as sunblock, anything in an aerosol spray can, and diving equipment, fall under strict regulations for shipment. Continue reading…

FAQs for Packaging Hazardous Materials

Packaging is one of those things we tend to dismiss as an annoying necessity when products are being shipped by car, airplane, train, or ferry. This is certainly true for people selling or distributing things that are not harmful in any way. The only thing that matters for those individuals is that the product gets there on a timely basis in one piece. As long as this singular condition is met, nothing else really matters. Continue reading…

Sturdy and Durable Wholesale Hazardous Goods Boxes and Containers

Air Sea Containers has the best sturdy and durable wholesale hazardous goods boxes and containers on the market today. These come in various category of product; what is uniform is these products meeting all CFR-49, ICAO and IMO requirements. Our company offers these wholesale UN rated boxes and containers at a fraction of the prices of our competitors.

The Best Wholesale Dangerous Goods Boxes

The Hazardous Waste Cubic Yard Box (41″ x 41″ x 37″) (11G/X/S) is an excellent product to consider, sold from our company. This item is unique in that it is made of 100 percent recyclable materials. Also unique is the dimensions of the yard box, which are 41″ x 41″ x 37″.

The dimensions of the yard box make it ideal for hazardous waste events when paint waste is collected. It is comprehensive due to its size, making an efficient purchase. The yard box has a 2,4000 lb. capacity for packaging groups I, II, and III.

The yard box has a triple wall construction and is lined with high density polyethylene. For simple opening and closing, the item has a flap top closure. We are currently listing this product for an inexpensive $63.99.

Another superb item to purchase is our Oxygen (O2) Generator Box (DOT31FP) Part 004. It is an inexpensive solution for the air shipment of oxygen generators. Included, for the convenience of our customers, are necessary labels and markings for expedited shipping without delays.

You can save nine dollars by purchasing this product today for $250.00. We also offer wholesale pricing in quantities of three for $243.00 — where customers will save an additional three percent — and in quantities of nine for $233.00 — where customers will save an additional seven percent.

Also, consider a new product that we have recently added to our inventory that customers are loving. The ATA 300 Cat. 1 & DOT 31FP OXB-11 is a category one container that is both durable and lightweight.

The product passes “ATA 300 Cat 1 requirements as well as the flame and heat penetration requirements set forth in 49 CFR 173.168,” according to the product description. It continues:

The HM224B/DOT31FP can be used over and over again. It’s designed to be light weight to save on shipping costs. These aluminum cylinder shipping cases have passed the ATA 280 cycle drop test, which closely simulates common material handling abuse. The all-aluminum exterior is reinforced with more than 1,000 industrial-grade rivets. Ball corners, latches, hinges and handles are made of the highest quality material. All container labels, DG labels and Airline Markings are incorporated on each container. The cylinder valve assembly is protected inside the larger of the Super Boxes by a removable cradle that is securely tethered to the container and can only be used in the correct position, allowing unobstructed access to the bottle in the Side-load Design container.

This item exceeds rigorous requirements as well set forth in the ATA 300 standards for shipping cases acceptable for air transport. We are currently offering this product for $975.

Wholesale Shipping Kits for Sale

Another leading product that is in high demand is our Lithium Battery Shipper Kit (4G/Y6.3). Current events have discusses the prevalence of explosions resulting from lithium batteries. These items can be dangerous and extra caution should be taken when shipping and handling these products.

This $14.00 Lithium Battery Shipper Kit comes with the following:

  • 1 qty UN Rated 4G/Y6.3 – Outer Double Wall Box – 7 3/4″ x 7 3/4″ x 9 9/16″ – Internal Dimensions
  • 1 qty 1.32Gal/5L Tapered Pail UN/Y1.4
  • 1 qty Small 3.00 Mil. Poly Bag with Zip Tie
  • 1 qty 8″ x 11.5″ plastic bubble bag
  • Marked Orientation on two sides of the box
  • 1 qty ea Lithium Battery Labels, Class 9 label and Cargo Aircraft Only Label

As a reminder, ensure that you read the included instructions and regulations while packing with this item — even for experienced shippers as they experience periodic updates.

We also have similar shipping kits available for purchase. For instance, the 4 x 1 Gallon Metal Paint Can Shipper, with Ring Locks (4G/Y25.9) comes in a U.N. Certified box, designed to ship metal paint cans. These items are designed for the shipment of packing groups I, II, and III.

Included in the purchase is the following:

  • 4G UN Certified Hazmat Box
  • 4 x Plastic Overseal Ring Locks
  • Fiberboard Inserts / Partitions
  • Label: Flammable Liquid Class 3 or Corrosive Class 8 (State class in comments when checking out)
  • Marked Orientation on two opposite sides of box
  • Marked UN Number on two opposite sides of box

We are currently selling this hazmat shipping kit for $6.79. We also offer the following wholesale pricing:

  • Buy 50 for $6.45 each and save 6 percent
  • Buy 100 for $6.12 each and save 10 percent
  • Buy 200 for $5.79 each and save 15 percent

Clearly, this is a value buy and an excellent item for shipping.

A similar item is our 20 Liter (5.28 Gallon) (Blue) Jerrican / Jug Overpack Kit – 3H1/Y. Like the previous shipping kit, this product is UN-rated and a highly sought after product. This is designed to ship a variety of chemicals.

The Hazmat Certified Jerrican Jug was crafted with 100 percent high density polyethylene. Included with this shipping kit are the following:

  • 20 Liter Jerrican – 3H1/Y – Packing Groups II, III (Y, Z)
  • Outer Double Wall Box – 11-1/2″ x 10″ x 16-1/2″- Internal Dimensions
  • Overpack Label
  • Hazmat Label of Choice (1 Per Kit)
  • Marked Orientation on two sides of the box

A lot of valuable items come with the purchase, making it an excellent value buy, such as the previous shipping kit mentioned. We’re currently listing the product for $13.99. This shipping kit has the following wholesale pricing:

  • Buy 20 for $13.29 each and save 6 percent
  • Buy 50 for $12.59 each and save 11 percent
  • Buy 100 for $11.89 each and save 16 percent

These prices are perfect for businesses who are looking to save on their bottom line.

The Best Wholesale Shipping Totes and Shipping Drums for Sale

Regardless of the size, shape or material, we have the best wholesale shipping totes and shipping drums for sale. Our UN certified drums meet the compliance standards outline in CFR-49, ICAO, & IMO regulations.

While our non-UN drums for non-hazmat shipping can play an instrumental role in storage and shipment of product. Regardless if you need the former or the latter, we offer them for wholesale prices that make sense.

The Best Wholesale Totes for Sale

Currently we have a great deal on the 275 Gallon IBC Plastic / Poly Tote, Food Grade (New) as of the publication of this article. It is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE). Included with the product are the following:
• Steel / composite pallet with black plastic corner supports
• Dust cap
• UN Specification: UN 31HA1/Y
• Two-inch NPT plug installed.
• Two medium metal marking plates.
• Two-inch Cam lock connection.
• Cylinder valve with foil sealed outlet Viton gasket.
• Six-inch black fill port cap / Viton gasket.
We are currently listing this product for a 10 percent discount for $220. However, you can save five percent on the purchase if you acquire this item in quantities of six, as it is priced for $210.

Maxx-Ergo Tilter Manual Hydraulic Tilt Table - 30Alternatively, we also offer the Maxx-Ergo Tilter Manual Hydraulic Tilt Table – 20. This product is designed to tilt boxes, tubs, wire baskets, containers, and totes with a range of zero to 20 degrees. It has a whopping capacity of 2000 lbs.

The product aids in transportation. It has a manual pump handle on both sides of the product for simple loading and unloading of product. We are currently pricing this product for $2163.99.

The Best Wholesale Shipping Drums for Sale

Salvage drums are used as outer containers for shipping drums that contain hazardous materials and are experiencing leaking or other damage. A product that we sell that accomplishes this aim is our 85 Gallon Salvage Steel Drum (SKU# 1SAL-85-A).

It has sizable dimensions of 29” x 29” x 40” and weights 59 lbs. It comes in a bright yellow color to easily distinguish it from one container to another. We are currently selling this product at a 30 percent discount for $160. Customers interested in wholesale prices can buy the product in quantities of three for $140, which saves an additional 13 percent.

55 Gallon Open Head UN Rated Fiberboard Drum with Ring Lock LidA second efficient product to consider is our 55 Gallon Open Head UN Rated Fiberboard Drum with Ring Lock Lid. The UN-rated product has dimensions of 23” x 36” and weights 20 lbs. It is crafted from fiberboard, a sturdy material.

We are currently offering this product for $41.85—unfortunately, as of the publication of this article, the product is backordered; therefore, we recommend purchasing the product quickly if browse our site and it becomes available again.

We also offer the same product as non-UN rated. The 55 Gallon Open Head (Non-UN) Fiberboard Drum with Ring Lock Lid is for non-hazmat shipping. It has dimensions of 23” x 36” and weights 15 lbs. We price this product on nearly 20 percent discount for $28.99.

Another recommended product to consider are our wholesale plastic drums for sale. These are either open-headed or close-headed, and are designed with HDPE.

A good product to consider is our 55 Gallon (NEW) Open-Head UN Rated Poly Drum with Ring Lock Lid. The open-head drum has dimensions of 23” x 35” and weights 21 lbs. We are currently listing the product at a 25 percent discount for $45.50.

If you prefer a close-head drum, consider the 55 Gallon Closed-Head UN Rated Poly Drum with Screw Cap (Blue). It has dimensions of 23” x 35” and weights 21 lbs. The wholesale plastic drum for sale is nearly on a 25 percent discount and is priced for $45.50.

Our wholesale steel barrels for sale also come in open-head or closed-head options. These meet all regulations under D.O.T. CFR-49, ICAO, IATA and IMO protocols, making them perfect for hazmat shipping.

The 55 Gallon (NEW) Open Head UN Rated Steel Drum with Bolt Lock comes in a sleek black color. It has dimensions of 23” x 34.5” and weights 51 lbs. It has a rather sturdy bolt lock to ensures the contents help within are safe and do not spill.

We currently offer this product at an affordable $63. For wholesale customers, you can purchase this item in quantities of eight for $61 per, and save an additional four percent.

On the other hand, we are currently offering the 55 Gallon (NEW) Closed-Head UN Rated Steel Drum with Steel Screw Cap at a more cost efficient price. It has dimensions of 22.5” x 34” and weights 41 lbs.

The wholesale steel barrel for sale is on a 20 percent discount, costing $48 per. Our customers can save an additional five percent on their purchase for quantities of 16 as they are listed for $46 each.

95 Gallon Reconditioned Open Head Over-Pack Poly DrumLastly, be sure to check out our reconditioned (or refurbished) drums. These are available for fiberboard, plastic and steel drums. Significant money on the bottom line can be saved by choosing one of these models.

An excellent deal we’re currently offering from our company is on the refurbished 95 Gallon Reconditioned Open Head Over-Pack Poly Drum. This item is good as new, and is a superb method to store contents within. It is currently on a discount for $120, saving our customers $30 on the regular price.

Purchasing a Wholesale Tote or Shipping Barrel for Sale

We love that you love our products.

To purchase one of the durable items listed within this article, simply follow the hyperlink as you hover over the item name. The hyperlink will redirect you to the product’s page on our website. From there, additional product description will also be provided.

If you find yourself needing assistance on your purchase, feel free to reach out to our company. The best method is either through Live Chat—similar to instant messaging—or by calling our representatives directly at (866) 272-9880.

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