Should You Use Peanuts for Dangerous Materials?

When shipping dangerous materials by air or sea, it’s important to make sure the product is packaged properly. Improper packaging can cause leaking, which can pose a health concern. That’s why government agencies such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have guidelines in place to protect not only the people who handle the product but the actual product as well. It’s imperative that the product arrives at its intended destination in the same condition that it was in when it left. Continue reading…

Intent for Labels and Placards on a Storage Container

When shipping hazardous materials, it’s important to meet the government regulations. For example, you are required to use appropriate labels and placards on the shipping container. You may also see these visuals on storage containers in a warehouse or factory. But why are they used and what do they mean? Continue reading…

How Many Gallons Are in a Tote?

In the past, companies used drums to store materials such as liquids and powders. However, in recent years, there has been a switch toward totes. Totes – formally called intermediate bulk containers – are mounted on pallets and can be moved by using a forklift or pallet jack. Continue reading…

Shipping Dangerous Goods? Read This Now!

Shipping dangerous goods - read this now

Putting a simple letter in the mailbox is a fairly easy task. Shipping a dangerous chemical? Not so much.

Shipping hazardous materials can be a challenge because there are so many regulations involved. While the number of rules that must be followed may seem like overkill, these laws are in place for a reason: to keep people safe from potential dangers.

International air transport association infographic Continue reading…

Can Shipping Materials Prevent Leaks?

When shipping hazardous items, you not only have to worry about meeting all the strict shipping requirements, but you also need to be concerned about leaks. A leak inside a ship or plane – or even inside the package itself – is a safety concern. Flammable items can cause explosions that can lead to serious injuries or even death. Because of this, making sure that the materials stay inside their shipping container throughout the duration of the shipment is of utmost importance. Continue reading…

#1 Guide for Commercial Shipping of Lithium Batteries


Every day, there are millions of tons of materials being shipped from one part of the world to the other. There are some products out there that you definitely know require extra safety precautions, while there are other items in existence that you previously thought were harmless yet turn out to be harmful under the right conditions.

Shipping cargo to harborOne of such items is lithium batteries. You might not know this, but lithium batteries have always been a safety concern for those who have experience with the shipment and receiving of these batteries. They only recently got negative attention in the mainstream media last year due to the incident where Samsung Galaxy Note7 and hoverboards were recalled in large numbers due to the fact that they would spontaneously burst into flames. Continue reading…

Six Things Product Packaging Must Accomplish

Anyone who has ever tried to sell a product can attest to how difficult it can be to get their product in front of customers and convert them to make the purchase. It is one of those concepts that sounds incredibly simple on paper yet turns out to be incredibly difficult when it is applied to the real world. Indeed, there are many studies showing that the packaging alone can make a significant difference in sales even if the product itself is totally unchanged. Continue reading…

The Best Packaging Supplies for Shipping Hazardous Materials

When searching for the packaging supplies for shipping hazardous materials, one comes across many companies that promise compliance to regulation; but unfortunately, when these products are placed under rigorous testing, they’re anything but compliant nor extraordinary.

Our company has several designations, including being a QAS International Registered Company and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Ironically, these designations are the main source of our customers, rather, a majority of our new customers are from referrals from previous satisfied customers.

We sell premium shipping supplies for hazardous goods, which range from the following:

  • Corrugated Boxes;
  • Corrugated Containers;
  • Overpack Boxes;
  • DOT 31FP & ATA 300 CAT 1 (Oxygen Generator and Oxygen Compressed Boxes);
  • Lithium Battery Kits;
  • Hazmat Shipping Kits; and,
  • 4GV Boxes/ U.N. Boxes

All of these at a discount from our competitors — whether it be for wholesale or small quantities.

Corrugated Hazmat Boxes & Dangerous Goods Boxes

Our corrugated boxes come in two options: single wall and double wall corrugated boxes. These are ideal for non-hazardous shipping, for instance, check out the Single Wall Corrugated Box (7″x7″x7″) 200#. This is a new product that we are carrying, which is priced inexpensively. A minimum quantity of 30 costs $14.70. This product is characterized as having bursting strength, having not yet let a customer down who purchased it.

A similar new product, which falls under the double wall corrugated boxes, is the Hazardous Waste Cubic Yard Box (41″ x 41″ x 37″) (11G/X/S). This new product is priced at $63.99, and at the time of publication, available for purchase. The product has a 2,400 lb. capacity for packaging groups I, II, and III. It specializes in the collection of household waste and paint waste during hazardous waste events.

An excellent corrugated container to check out is the D Container (58″x42″x45″) Bulk Cargo Box with Pallet. Priced at $32.90, this product ships within 24 hours of purchase and is currently in-stock. It has an estimated weight of 765 lbs., yet it is simple and easy to disassemble and reassemble the cargo box into its four parts. A unique feature of the product is that it has a heat-treated stamped pallet to assure best protection of contents.

19 Liter (5 Gallon) Jerrican  Jug Overpack Kit - 3H1YOver packed boxes provide a good method to ship quantities of product safely and efficiently. A recommended product is the 19 Liter (5 Gallon) Jerrican / Jug Overpack Kit – 3H1/Y. Each unit system includes the following:

  • 19 Liter Jerrican – 3H1/Y – Packing Groups II, III (Y, Z)
  • Outer Double Wall Box – 11-1/2″ x 10″ x 16-1/2″- Internal Dimensions
  • Overpack Label
  • Hazmat Label of Choice (1 Per Kit) * Enter class in comments section when checking out
  • Marked Orientation on two sides of the box

In addition, this product is in compliance with ICAO, IATA, IMO, Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) CFR-49.

A new product and currently on-sale to check out from the DOT 31FP & ATA 300 CAT 1 (Oxygen Generator and Oxygen Compressed Boxes) category is the Oxygen (O2) Generator Box (DOT31FP) B/E 6 pack 003. It is currently on a 5 percent discount, priced at $209. The box is specialty designed for protective breathing equipment, cargo air shipments of chemical oxygen generators and passenger service units. Included as well are the necessary labels and markings.

An exceedingly popular product, in an industry category undergoing stringent regulation, is our Lithium Battery Shipper Kit (4G/Y6.3). It is currently priced at $14. Within each unit system includes the following:

  • 1 qty UN Rated 4G/Y6.3 – Outer Double Wall Box – 7 3/4″ x 7 3/4″ x 9 9/16″ – Internal Dimensions
  • 1 qty 1.32Gal/5L Tapered Pail UN/Y1.4
  • 1 qty Small 3.00 Mil. Poly Bag with Zip Tie
  • 1 qty 8″ x 11.5″ plastic bubble bag
  • Marked Orientation on two sides of the box
  • 1 qty ea Lithium Battery Labels, Class 9 label and Cargo Aircraft Only Label

The product was designed to be shipping friendly, meaning the cost is reduced from similar products.

One of our best products from the Hazmat Shipping Kit category is the 2 x 1 Gallon F-Style Metal Can Kit with Box & Cans (4G/Y10.6). Currently on sale for five percent, this product costs $9.99 as of the publication of this article. The following items are included within the kit:

  • 4G UN Certified Hazmat Box
  • 2 x 1 Gallon F Style Metal Cans with caps.
  • Hazmat Label of Choice.
  • Marked Orientation on two opposite sides of box
  • Marked UN Number on two opposite sides of box

The product is compliant with ICAO, IATA, IMO, Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) CFR-49; designed to ship packing groups II and III.

Lastly, check out our 4GV/X8 UN Certified Hazmat Box. When looking for packaging supplies for shipping hazardous materials, one need not go no further than this product. Priced at a five percent discount — costing $3.74 per unit — it is tested and compliant with important regulations, allowed for shipping via ocean, land and air. This product is dependable and amongst the best in its category.

Purchasing Shipping Supplies for Hazardous Goods

This article sought to provide the best packaging supplies for shipping hazardous materials. The items recommended are available for purchase by following the hyperlink to its respected page on our website. For further advice, peruse our recent blog articles by clicking here. Alternatively, contact our skilled representatives by initiating a Live Chat or calling us at (866) 272-9880. Our hours are Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

Our company has been in existence since 1991. We’re family owned and operated and are dedicated to providing safe transportation of dangerous goods. Our products are in compliance with current and future regulations, as we are constantly on top of the latest industry news. We have a firm commitment to security — our site is secured with 128-256-bit encryption. Rest assured that your personal information and order history, for instance, is kept private from the moment you enter our site to when you leave the site. More information on our privacy policy can be accessed here.

Packaging for Dangerous Goods Shipments: Bottles and Cans

Packaging for dangerous goods shipments: bottles and cans, are used to have product reach their desired location or to store product. These items excel in securing liquids and solids in their desired form, ensuring that the shipment or storage process doesn’t inadvertently affect product.

Inner Packaging: Bottles & Cans

We carry several products that are designed for inner packaging. From the bottles and cans category, we offer the following:

From the Plastic Bottles and Jugs category, we offer both Boston Round Plastic Bottles and Plastic Jugs. Two recommended products from this category, which are currently on sale, are the 32oz Clear Boston Round Plastic Bottle and the 32oz Amber Boston Round Plastic Bottle.

Each has a rounded shoulder and base and are designed to maintain the quality of liquid within the bottle and inhibit leaks with a proof cap, so as to not contaminate the body. Both products, while having a different pigment, a required as a minimum to be ordered in quantities of 1,500. For an order of 1,500, the cost is normally 3,450; but is on sale for 2,085 — a 40 percent discount.

Another good deal currently offered from our company is on plastic jugs. The 1 Gallon HDPE Jug (Natural/Clear) 120 Gram, a recommended product from this category. Designed for simple carrying, the jug was created with plastic high density polyethelyne (HDPE). It can hold dangerous liquid securely. This product is currently listed for $1.39, a 20 percent discount, which while not required to purchase in quantities of 1,500 like the prior items, can save quite a bit on the bottom line when purchased in those quantities.

As of this post, a new item we’re offering from the Metal/Aluminum Bottles – IP3 category is the 32 oz Tin Plated Steel Cone Top 1″ Delta Opening with Cap. As the name suggests, this product is crafted with tin plated steal. We’re currently offering the product for $2.69. In a shipping case, 112 of these can be stored; while in a pallet, 1,120 are storable.

A similar product but in a larger size is our 25L (6 1/2 Gallon) UN Rated Aluminum Bottle with Caps. This product is sturdy, being UN rated, and is designed for storing chemicals and liquids. The UPS considers this item oversized, and therefore, it is recommended that it be purchase in larger quantities. Currently, we’re listing the product for $94.99, but for a quantity of 12 it is offered at $87.99 — saving you 8 percent.

Another new product to check out is the 1 Gallon F-Style Alpha Opening Can (1.25″ Opening) from the F-Style Metal Cans category. It is designed with tin-plated steel, and has a unique molding on its bottom, which makes it good for stacking. The product is ideal for shipping samples, paint chemicals, adhesives, ship thinners, and more! This item is priced at $4.99.

5 Gallon (19L) Steel Compliant Type II Accuflow Safety Can for FlammablesFor the Paint Cans category, we sell a couple of different items that are designed to hold paint and similar materials. An item to consider is the 4 x 1 Gallon Paint Can Shipper, with Paint Cans & Ringlocks (4G/Y25.9). The paint can is extremely sturdy and comes with ring locks that add extra protection in holding the contents. The box that is included is specialty designed for holding metal paint cans. It is fully tested, meeting U.N. regulations; and is in compliance with IATA, ICAO, IMO, and Department of Transportation CFR-40. This all-in-one item is listed at $14.79; however, we’re offering a steep discount of nearly 20 percent for purchases of 200 quantity.

Lastly, from the Justrite Safety Cans category, a recommended item is the 5 Gallon (19L) Steel Compliant Type II Accuflow Safety Can for Flammables. From the product description:

Going beyond protection and compliance, AccuFlow™ Type II Safety Cans provide fast, precision pouring when handling flammable liquids. Patented, innovative manifold automatically vents for smooth, glug-free liquid flow, while the comfortable Safe-Squeeze® trigger offers maximum control when pouring. A 9″ (229mm) flexible metal hose ensures offers targeted pouring into small openings. Fill port with ergonomically designed handle makes filling easier than ever.

Protection features include a long lasting, stainless steel flame arrester that dissipates heat to prevent flashback ignition and a gasketed, self-closing leak tight lid that automatically vents to guard against rupture or explosion. Warning label with extra large ID zone permits user to identify contents, department location, or individual user name. All can sizes have extra capacity for mixing in additives for two cycle engines.

Engineered for the highest performance in safety, compliance, and convenience.

As is apparent, this is a dependable product that is expertly designed. It is currently being listed for $95.08.

Why Buy from Us?

Our company offers a safe and secure shopping experience; fast shipping; we’re a trusted source and Better Business Bureau accommodated; require no sales tax outside of the state of Florida; and we’re family owned. For each and every business, reputation is synonymous with success. Warren Buffett, the successful business magnate, has said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.”

In comparison to our rivals, we do things different. This logic can apply to how products are handled. Our company, Air Sea Containers, understands that a carefully built reputation is on the line with each and every decision that is made in the day. We are constantly scanning the market and evaluating products for holding and shipping hazardous materials. This is imperative because we only recommend the best products for our customers.

For us, customer service is paramount to success, and we make it a point to be easily available on each and every workday — willing to answer and provide feedback on each and every question.  To chat with one of our representatives, contact us via Live Chat, or telephone at (866) 272-9880. We’re open Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.