Compliance Department: Labels and Placards that Conform to U.S. Department of Transportation Guidelines

When shipping hazardous product, it is imperative that you follow all of the rules. For seasoned companies, non-compliance is equated with lack of professionalism (and from time-to-time, negative repercussions). We understand your dedication to the highest ethics, which is why we have so many repeat customers.

One of the areas that our company specializes in is the production of labels and placards. These include Hazmat Labels, Placards, Regulated Shipping Labels and Shipping and Handling Labels. Each of these categories of labels and placards conform fully to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation’s; ICAO; IATA and IMDG guidelines.

Our labels and placards are fade-resistant, pressure sensitive and highly durable. This ensures that your product gets to where you need it, when you need it, saving you paranoia. For the busy business owner, this promise allows them to focus on more pressing matters.

This article will focus on one aspect of our labels and placards, which are Hazmat Labels. Hazmat Labels from our company come in nine different classes. If you find a lower price from one of our competitors, we will gladly match that price. Wholesale discounts are also offered from our company.

The Nine Classes of Hazmat Labels for Shipping Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods

Hazmat Labels come in various class levels, which properly label the type of product being shipped, regardless of the method of transportation—which can include through the ocean, by train, on the highway or through the air.

Explosives 1.4B Label Roll of 500Our Hazmat Class 1 Labels come in two general varieties, which are 1.3G labels and an array of 1.4 labels. An example of these is the “Explosives 1.4B Label Roll of 500.” As the name implies, these come in a roll of 500 and are sold for the inexpensive price of $28 dollars. They label the Hazard Class 1: Explosives Division Group 1.4B shipments and are sized as 4” x 4” in.

Hazard Class 2 Labels come in a variety of warnings, depending upon the contents of the shipment. From our company, these can include the following: Non-Flammable Gas, Flammable Gas, Toxic Gas, Inhalation Toxic Gas, and Oxygen Label. The Hazard Class 2: Toxic Gas Division 2.3 label, “Toxic Gas Label, Roll of 500,” is sized as 4” x 4” in. and is priced at $25 dollars.

The Hazard Class 3 Labels available for purchase are for Combustible and Flammable Liquid shipments. Combustible liquids have higher flashpoints than flammable liquids making them safer than the latter. In these shipments, you can use our “Combustible Class 3 Label, Roll of 500” label, which is priced at $25 dollars.

While flammable liquids, such as ether, requires more attention to detail due to their increased risk. For shipments like these, our “Flammable Liquid Label, Roll of 500” can be used. It is priced at $25 dollars as well.

Our Hazard Class 4 Labels consist of the following: Flammable Solid, Spontaneously Combustible and Dangerous When Wet labels. Each of these are priced at $25 dollars. Flammable solids, for instance, even without oxygen can catch fire through friction. The Flammable Solid Label, Roll of 500 is offered from our company to address those shipments.

For Hazard Class 5 Labels, we offer both Oxidizer and Organic Peroxides Labels (regarding the Organic Peroxides shipments, we recommend also purchasing a gel pack from our company, which can help maintain the ideal temperatures for safe shipping). Oxidizers are a type of chemical that is necessary in the burning of fuel. Organic Peroxides, on the other hand, is a compound that has two oxygen atoms, which in its molecule are bonded together.

For shipments that require Hazard Class 6 Labels, our company sells four different types of labels, which are the following: Toxic Substances, Infectious Substances, Inhalation and Harmful Stow Away from Food Labels.

Radioactive Category III Label, Roll of 500On Hazard Class 7 Labels, our company offers the following three labels: Radioactive Category I, II and III labels. These shipments may have product that could potential emit emission of ionizing radiation or particles.

For Hazard Class 8, we offer only Corrosive Labels. These come in a roll of 500 and are priced at $25 dollars. Corrosive items can eat away at items, making them known to be deleterious. For instance, these solids or liquids can cause significant damage to the human skin upon contact.

Lastly, for Hazard Class 9, we offer three different options, which are Miscellaneous, Dry Ice UN 1845 and Consumer Commodity ID 8000 Labels. A new offering from this line of labels is the “Dry Ice UN 1845 Label, Roll of 500 -6×6″,” which with its increased size, allows easier interpretation of the product held within.

Securing Your Hazmat Labels for Future Shipments

To secure your Hazmat Labels, you can purchase these labels online through our shopping cart. If you have additional questions, such as on whether you are ordering the correct label, or recommended products to include with your purchase like gel packs, you can reach out to our direct line: (866) 272-9880. Alternatively, you can initiate a Live Chat with one of our specialists.

Our hours of specialist communication are from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. During offline hours, visit our blog—by clicking here—where you can learn more information about our products and company history. As a family owned company that has been in business for over 25 years, we pride ourselves on being your one stop shop for all of your Hazmat and Dangerous Goods needs. Key features and benefits offered from our company are the following:

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Accredited Business with A+ Rating
  • Huge Selection of Dangerous Goods Packaging
  • Sustainable recycled packaging
  • Providing everything you need to get your Dangerous Goods shipped
  • Affordable and Lowest Prices
  • Price Matching on almost all products
  • Great Quality Products
  • Customer satisfaction and support
  • Same day shipping on most orders
  • Sales professionals with knowledge and experience
  • Shopping convenience
  • Secured and private shopping

Thanks for reading this article; cheers to your success!


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