IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Book

Many people may be asking themselves right now, “What is IATA?” Well, to break it down IATA deals with the shipping of hazardous materials through the air. There many items that can be a danger to the people on board the aircraft, and the aircraft itself. When shipping by air the materials are either outright forbidden or restricted. At Air Sea Containers, we want to make sure you understand the full regulations when it comes to shipping dangerous goods by air. So, in this book you will find a wealth of information to make sure you are within the guidelines and regulations.

IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Book

IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations

IATA works alongside local governments and the ICAO when it comes to the development of regulations for dangerous goods. They do this, so the guidelines and rules are efficient as possible when it comes to shipping dangerous goods by air. The manual is used as a global reference, so people know what to do, and what not to do. It can also act as a lifesaver, so a person or company does not get in trouble for breaking regulations when shipping by air. It’s also an excellent reference to use when unsure if the proper procedures are being followed.

It’s also very important to stay up to date on the newest regulations. There was a 56th edition issued January 1, 2015. Significant changes were made, and it’s important you take a look at them since it’s the official manual for shipping hazmat via air.

What Dangerous Goods Apply to the IATA Shipping Regulations?

Okay, so you want to make sure you follow all the regulations when it comes to shipping via air. What kinds of dangerous goods to the IATA shipping regulations apply to? That’s a good question. While we will not be able to cover all of them, we can list few items you will find in your IATA Book. Here are a few interesting ones:

Live Animals

The transportation of animals has been taking place ever since the early 1930’s. Today, transporting live animals by air is considered the most humane option when transporting them over vast distances. The IATA covers the Live Animal Regulations (LAR for short) has a set worldwide standard when it comes to the shipment of live animals. When it comes to commercial airlines, the regulations apply to pets and animals that are transported for agricultural or zoological purposes. Animals can also be shipped for other reasons.

The regulations for the transportation of live animals too ensure the welfare, identification, and animal behavior that modern science has showed us over the years. There is a lot of key inputs put in from the LAPB (Live Animals and Perishables Board) to make sure the regulations keep the animals as safe as possible.

Dangerous Goods (or Hazmat)

What are some goods that qualify as Dangerous Goods? Well, did you know lithium batteries are on the list? Lithium batteries are the preferred energy source when it comes to children’s toys, e-bikes, and cell phones. There is a prohibition set of lithium batteries being transported in the carriage when it comes to passenger aircraft. However, this only applies to the lithium metal batteries that are being shipped by themselves. Not batteries that are contained within equipment or packed with equipment.

IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Books

Those are just a couple of the items the IATA books cover. So, maybe you’re looking to purchase an IATA book. The question is, in what format do you want to purchase it in? We know not everyone has the room or the patience to haul around a huge book to reference whenever they need it. Well, that’s why we provide you with a variety of options so you can take the IATA information with you!

We offer several options when it comes to the 2015 regulations for the IATA. We offer several CD-ROMs you can put into any laptop or computer. So you have the information on hand wherever you go, and can reference it as needed. If you need separate guidelines for just one type of product you’re shipping, we have those too! We have separate CD-ROMs for Live Animal Regulations, Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines, and many others! You can also get your IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Manuals in either English or Spanish! The 56th edition is available for purchase and pre-order right now!

Use of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Paper Book

For one, the paper book version can be a lot easier on the eyes. We know many of our customers may prefer to hold a book in their hands versus staring at a computer screen. The paper book is a good one to keep around the office. Not only can you crack it opens when you need too, but other co-workers can take a look at it too. If you’re unsure if you’re meeting the right protocol when dealing with multiple shipments, the paper book serves as an excellent reference.

It’s important to stay up to date on the IATA Regulations. Even if you miss the smallest detail, it could endanger the shipment and everyone around it. So be sure to get one as soon as possible. Shipments that don’t meet the regulations can have severe consequences down the road. It’s always good to double check to make sure everything is going smoothly. We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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