The Best Shipping Barrels, Drums and Totes for Hazmat Shipping

HAZMAT_Class_2-3_Inhalation_HazardWhen storing or shipping liquids, such as chemicals, shipping barrels, drums and totes are amongst the most efficient way to do so. These items are designed to withstand the acidic nature of liquids and chemicals, ensuring that the contents arrive in the same condition that they were packed in. Shipping barrels, drums and totes increase ROI within weeks of their purchase.

The steel drums that we sell have been tested to meet all regulations under IATA, ICAO, IMO, and D.O.T. CFR-49 protocols, making them a suitable option for Hazmat shipping. Our company sells two types of steel drums: open head and closed head. Open head drums allow the lid to be removed to access the contents held within; while closed head drums are permanently secured, making them preferred with liquids that are lower viscosity.

A recommended product from our company is the 30 Gallon (NEW) Open Head UN Rated Steel Drum with Ring Lock Lid. This product is currently being sold from our company for $57.99. Alternatively, a second recommended product is 55 Gallon (NEW) Closed-Head UN Rated Steel Drum with Steel Screw Cap — a closed head drum. It is currently being sold for $54, which is a 10 percent discount from its regular price.

One of the leading advantages of these product is the ease in which they can be stacked. With their strong frame, they can handle the weight of additional items. Their slender cylindrical shape allows them to hold a significant amount in content without having the width that restricts space to store other items.

Another option that is recommended from our company are drums that are made from plastic, which also available in either open head or closed head. The 77 Gallon Regrinded (New) Plastic Open Head NON-UN Rated Poly Drum with Ring Lock Lid is a popular product that has received excellent reviews since we’ve begun carrying it in recent weeks. It should be noted that this product is non UN rated drum and is not suitable to ship hazardous materials.

The 55 Gallon Closed-Head UN Rated Poly Drum with Screw Cap (Blue), is a closed head drum that meets all requirements under the CFR-49, IATA/ICAO and IMO regulations for hazmat shipping. It is currently offered at over a 20 percent discount, costing $45.50. This product is made from high density polyethylene.

The two categories of drums that were mentioned — steel and plastic — are also available for purchase as reconditioned. What this means is that they were used before, most likely in shipping hazardous goods, but were acquired by our company and restored to their original condition. Due to this form of recycling, the price on the 55-gallon-openhead-bolt_4_1product is less expensive than those drums that haven’t been reconditioned.

For instance, the 30 Gallon Reconditioned Open Head UN Rated Steel Drum with Ring Lock Lid is currently being sold for $43.99. This is nearly 25 percent less than the similar drum introduced earlier in this article. The advantage of purchasing this drum as reconditioned isn’t taken advantage of when only one quantity is purchased. Rather, when purchased in bulk, these drums can significantly save your company money.

For our company, customer service is paramount to our success. We value each and every one of our customers, and do not take one for granted. Our job is to provide our clients with the best product possible, at a price they can quickly generate ROI without sacrificing on safety or value.

Another recommended product are the fiberboard drums. These are popular amongst our customers and unfortunately, several of our options are backordered. Despite this, we recommend the 55 Gallon Open Head UN Rated Fiberboard Drum with Ring Lock Lid. Currently sold for $41.85, this product is ideal for the storage and shipment of solids.

We currently have a great deal on one of our salvage drums sold from our company.  The 85 Gallon Salvage Steel Drum (SKU# 1SAL-85-A) is locked by ring, and is currently being sold for $160 — nearly a 35 percent discount. These drums are known for their ability in protection of oil. These are cushioned and have good absorption capabilities.

Lastly, check out our poly totes. We have three options, two of which are backordered due to their reputation as an excellent product. The 275 Gallon IBC Plastic / Poly Tote, Food Grade (New) isn’t backordered, and is capable for purchase right away. Made of high density polyethylene, this product is ideal in the shipment of a massive amount of contents. Despite the high demand, we’re selling this product at a 15 percent discount for $210. Extra precaution should be taken in the closure and opening of this product.

The products recommended in this article are all excellent. Except for the 77 Gallon Regrinded (New) Plastic Open Head NON-UN Rated Poly Drum with Ring Lock Lid (a non UN rate drum), each of the products recommended are extremely tough and durable, being that they meet all regulations under IATA, ICAO, IMO, and D.O.T. CFR-49 protocols. They’re all suitable option for Hazmat shipping.

So why buy from us? Our company facilitates safe and secure shopping; we’re a trusted source, being certified by the Better Business Bureau; when purchasing a product, shipping is quick, often leaving our warehouse the same day; and we’re family owned, with a foundation of love and trust that guides our business.

Our team of representatives are available Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. You can communicate with one of our representatives by engaging in a Live Chat, or calling our company directly at (866) 272-9880. When speaking with a representative, it is recommended that you provide a background about your business, the contents that you need shipped, the timetable that you have, the goals that you have for the shipment and the budget that you are authorized to spend. These pieces of information, while brief, allows our representatives to obtain a clearer picture and offer additional recommendations to ensure you select the right product.


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