What is the International maritime dangerous goods code?

The International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG) is an internationally recognized set of rules or code addapted to help safely regulate and control the transportation of dangerous goods. Each country and or state has its own ideas about what is and what is not safe, so this was implemented in or around 1960 to make detailed clarifications to easily adjust to different areas. This code allows for us to have a universal idea of what and what not to ship to help regulate rules and regulations for each place a ship travels carrying such goods. You can learn more about this in the International maritime dangerous goods pdf download available to you on our website.

Changes to The International Maritime Dangerous Good Code.

There are changes that are coming at the start of our New Year to the International Maritimes dangerous goods code, (IMDG) that you need to watch for so you are better informed to the new rules and regulations. The new changes will become mandatory in 2016 giving you time to adjust slowly and accurately to the changes that are coming.

Lamps and Light bulb Amendment in the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code

One code that is changing and will not be mandatory until January 2016 is lamps and light bulbs will no longer be considered dangerous goods. This regulation change is fairly straight forward. Lamps and light bulbs can carry mercury which makes then hazards waste and unsafe to ship regularly. When disposing of lamps or light bulbs be sure and check out what the proper way to do so is to maintain waste and recycling of hazardous goods. You can learn more about these changes in the International maritime dangerous goods pdf download.

Class Seven Radioactive Substances.

There are changes coming to the Class Seven Radioactive substances that will be significantly revised. You will be able to get full details in the International maritime dangerous goods pdf download available on our website. All changes and revisions being made are for r safety and the safety of others. They will pertain to things such as the number of packages transported containing radioactive substance at one time. There will also be changes in the amount of radioactive substances that can be stored at a set location. There will be revisions on how close packages containing radioactive substance can be in conjunction with living things such as passengers or animals. This revision will also include other substances or objects that react negatively with radioactive substances being shipped.

Clarification of Classifying Vicious Flammable Liquids

A flammable liquid is any liquid that has a flash point or above of one hundred degrees (100 degrees) or above also known as Thirty-seven point eight degrees Celsius, (37.8 degrees C). The two current classifications for flammable liquids are Class two liquids and Class three liquids. Class two liquids is any liquid between flash point of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, minus any fixture having flash points of 200 degrees. Class three is 140 degrees and above which is also divided into two subsections to better clarify this category and what is and is not okay. The subdivisions are class three A and Class Three B. You can find more detail and better understanding in our International maritime dangerous goods pdf that you can download off our website.

A number of other changes to make note of

There will be a number of other changes you will want to make note of in the International Maritime Dangerous Goods PDF download to get use to as we approach a new year. Various changes listed will be in the shipping instructions. There will be changes to the automotive area of the regulations. Also be sure and check out changes in sizing of letters for the overpack labels. Paint related materials are receiving an overhaul along with combustion engine and fuel cell engines. Each of these changes that are coming needs to be read, and understood to make sure your shipments go through without being returned to you. You can find deeper detail, instructions and clarifications in the International maritime dangerous goods pdf download on our website.

How do I find the downloads that I need?

Previously stated above there is a one year transitional period that you can take note of when adjusting to the new amendments and clarifications to help you adhere in a more uniformed way. To find the International maritime dangerous goods pdf Download which will offer you the information you need to know for our upcoming year, look to the left side bar. At the very bottom of the side bar you will see a section marked downloads. When you click on downloads a drop down of available downloads will appear. You can pick the area based on a particular need you have such as, packing instructions or certifications. There is an option to pick “All Downloads” To search for anything you think you might be missing or are unaware of. Or you can simply download the various catalogs we have available to you with detailed information you will need to ship Dangerous goods. Please keep in mind that you will need to fill out the form at the bottom of the page so all downloads are at your reach. If you are struggling feel free to contact us at your convince so we can better assist you with your needs. For specific needs on the International Maritime dangerous goods changes and regulations you can download the “International Maritime Dangerous Goods Download located in the download section.



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