Plastic / Poly Drums ** NEW **

Air Sea Containers, Inc. offers a variety of Plastic / Poly Drums in different closures, Open-Head Poly Drums, and Closed-Head Poly Drums. Constructed from HDPE, each UN Certified Poly Drum has been tested to meet all regulations under IATA, ICAO, IMO, and D.O.T. CFR-49 protocols, which is suitable for Hazmat shipping. Please ensure the UN Number (commodity) you're shipping meets all regulations. If you would like to save costs, please check out our Reconditioned / Refurbished, previously used drums. These drums have been professionally cleaned. However, Air Sea Containers accepts no liability on debris or residue, contamination, odors, etc. If you are not shipping Hazardous Materials, please inquire about our Non-Specification / Non-UN Rated drums.