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Air Sea Containers is dedicated to providing our customers with custom UN/Hazmat/DG packaging solutions at the most competitive prices on the market.
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Due to set up costs, most box sizes will require a minimum of 500 quantity for each box run.  

Through our packaging designers, engineers, network of different manufacturers, and testing laboratories we can offer almost any custom hazmat packaging solution that more than satisfies your needs and budget. The constantly changing laws, heightened regulations, and strict enforcement by worldwide regulatory agencies dictate that your hazmat packaging be developed using high standards.

Please fill out as much information as you can and one of our custom hazmat packaging experts will give you a call to discuss your packaging solutions. Please remember we have many requests and each one is handled with the utmost professional detail, so response time may be a few days or even more. Rest assured we will get in touch with you promptly.

As soon as we have all of the required information we will reach out to our network of professionals and provide you with an accurate quote.


Please Note:

We outsource different steps of this process to our network of DOT Approved and other test laboratories; as well as other engineers, manufacturers and anyone else needed to fulfill all compliance requirements. Compliance and safety are our top priorities.

We do not claim in any way to design, test, manufacture, and sell your products without the necessary checks and balances required for complete compliance with all laws and regulations. 

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