U.N. Marking System Guide

If you are purchasing or seeking for a product, and you know the type of UN Coding you need, feel free to use this guide to help clarify some confusion within the UN Coding system. This is a guide on how the UN Coding system works:


The Following 2 Codes are examples of certain UN Rated packages
55 Gallon Steel Barrel, with a closed top, used for liquids.
4GV Corrugated Box, used for solids


You may also refer to the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations:
Section 3 - Classification 3.0.3
Section 6 - Packaging Specifications. 6.0.3

1A1 / Y1.2 / 150 / 11
USA / VL824
4GV / X44 / S / 11
USA / VL824






United Nations Code
4 1 Type of Packaging:
1 - Drum
2 - Reserved
3 - Jerrican
4 - Box
5 - Bag
6 - Composite Packaging
 G(V) A Material Code
A - Steel (all types and surface treatments)
B - Aluminum
C - Natural Wood
D - Plywood
F - Reconstructed Wood
G - Fiberboard
H - Plastic Material
L - Textile
M - Paper, multi-wall
N - Metal (other than steel or aluminum)
P - Glass, porcelain or stoneware (not used in these regulations)
  1 Type of Closure
1 - Non-removable head drum
2 - removable head drum

Packing Groups
Dangerous goods are assigned to the relevant packing group according to the degree of danger they present. 
Packing Group 1- High Danger (X)
Packing Group 2 - Medium Danger (Y)
Packing Group 3 - Low Danger (Z)

Packing Group for which the packaging was tested for:
X - Packing Group I, II, III
Y - Packing Group II, III
Z - Packing Group III
  1.2 Relative Density
For single packaging intended to contain liquids
  150 Test Pressure in Kilo-Pascal (kPa)
For single packaging intended to contain liquids, the hydraulic test pressure which the packaging was shown to withstand
44   Gross Weight in Kilograms(Kg)
For drums containing an (S {See next row}), Gross Weight follows after the Packing Group (X,Y,Z)
S   Solids or Inner Packaging (IP)
For Drums with an (S): The numbers that follow the Packing Groups (X,Y,Z) is the Gross Weight in Kilograms (Kg)
11 11 Year of manufacture
Last 2 digits of year manufactured. In this case, 2011
Country or State authorizing the allocation of mark or manufacturer.
VL824 VL824 Manufacturer